WICLOUD Point-of-Sale System

#1 in technology for a point of sale to streamline your Food and beverage operations

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WINCLOUD Front Office

Elevate Your Food and Beverage Operations with our Advanced Point of Sale System

Elevate guest experience like never before with our complete property management software that offer a POS module that will add unmatched convenience to manage your hotels with seamlessly integrated with FO and Accounts. WINCLOUD POS automates a variety of operations and includes detailed audit trails, reports and analysis charts to make it simpler to handle complex tax structures and KOT amendments. WINCLOUD is a cloud-based restaurant POS software designed to make your business excel in every aspect of F&B.

Unlock the power of detailed reports and advanced analytics.
Elevate your business with WINCLOUD & Point of Sale for unparalleled efficiency and strategic advantage.

Seeking a Change. Get WINCLOUD POS Now!

With WINCLOUD online check-in, over 90% of guests complete the check-in process before arrival – leaving your staff time to give each guest a truly personal experience


How Can Restaurant Point-of-Sale System Help your Business ?

A restaurant point-of-sale system is designed to ensure that your guests enjoy a convenient and hassle-free experience with a variety of payment options and features.

Payment options

Our point of sale offers different payment options and modes for your guests to conveniently use the one of their choice, including options for splitting money among friends.

Management of kitchen order token's

Generate independent kitchen order
ticket 's for different product groups (food and beverages) and connect to printers located at multiple locations on the property.

Simple tax structure handling

Cloud PMS handles and alloaes tax structures with ease for different food and beverage tasks. Now, you can automatically update our billing across different properties.

Food and beverage operations

Automatically update bills and other data to the front office and accounting systems. Your guests will find it easy to make table reservations, give feedback, and do more!

Easy-to-track Kitchen order token amendments

WINCLOUD makes it  easy to track all kitchen order ticket modifications with detailed audit trails, offering the highest level of transparency. 

Detailed business insights

Get detailed reports and relevant analytics on point of sale settlements, menu item analytics, order patterns and other data needed for advanced decision-making insights.