The WINCLOUD Material Management Module

Where robust technology enables optimised streamlining and management of purchase and inventory

All hoteliers know that Material Management is a complex web. At WINCLOUD, we also understand and believe that technology is an enabler that disentangles anything complex. Our WINCLOUD  Material Management module stems from this conviction and contains a wide spectrum of features aimed at facilitating simplified handling of purchases and better management of the inventory.This module encompasses both the Purchasing and Inventory operations.

A software which covers every aspect of Purchase Orders (POs) Operations

WINCLOUD Material Management module allows property owners to have complete control over PO operations. This includes support for heirarchical approvals (think 10 levels), PO status report and the ability to alert on delayed or pending POs, and allowing for easy PO generation and modification.

Material handling from multiple stores at different locations made hassle free

We have designed our module to address the different challenges of handling materials at many stores and locations. Our module not only supports inventory across multiple stores but also generates receipts after validation.  Additionally, issue tagging with corresponding departments as well as material issues, either direct or indent based, are also supported.

A detailed reporting and report generation facility to give deeper and more meaningful insights

Monitoring purchases and audit reports are essential to ensure profitability of any property. Our module helps you do it by performing incisive analysis on the various reports generated and also on the audit trails. The module also provides purchase analysis and generates audit reports related to purchase.

Our module has other features to make purchase and inventory operations less tedious

This includes quotation management and rate comparison for any time. The module allows for physical inventory reconciliation for selected product groups or sub-groups.

The WINCLOUD Purchasing and Inventory Modules

Where robust technology enables optimised streamlining and management of purchase and inventory