WINCLOUD Front Office


Automating FO Operations

Built on robust technology, WINCLOUD FO is designed to streamline your front office operations and free up your time. Now you can focus on delivering delightful guest experiences.

Dashboard for multi-property corporate view
Manage your complete FO operations on a single screen
Quick check-in and check-out

Get a single dashboard view of all the necessary information to make a reservation quickly. Think multiple permutations and combinations across room allocations, tariff patterns, package options, and payment options.

Reports and business insights

Get access to detailed reporting and analysis, including a Night Audit feature. Night Audit automatically highlights critical information such as pending bills, KOTs, room charges, and departures to allow you to take immediate action.

Room chart and CM connectivity

Room chart is a feature that allows owners to spot empty rooms instantly. WINCLOUD FO’s easy interface to Channel Managers gives them visibility of your room availabilities and promotes bookings.

Streamlines FO Operations

On the one hand, WINCLOUD FO provides a complete picture of your room availability to your staff and partners. On the other, it helps owners stay on top of FO operations and optimize to enable a great guest experience.

Easy reservation management

The effortless interaction with several Revenue Management systems is a feature that facilitates increased occupancy in a property.

Highly configurable

With the flexibility of being used for properties with 05 to 1000 rooms, hoteliers are empowered with technology-enabled robustness and scale.


Technology-driven elaborate POS to simplify F&B operations

Developed on serious technology foundations to simplify complex F&B operations(multiple restaurants and bars), WINCLOUD POS assists you in elevating your guest experience.

Supports mobile app for personalized guest order taking
Unified guest profile integrated with FO
WINCLOUD Point of Sale
Supports various payment modes

Our POS allows you to offer multiple payment options and modes to your guests and also has the facility to configure dynamic settlements. Your guests can split their bills in any way they want. Let them enter as guests and leave as a part of your family.

Divide KOTs the way you want

You can generate independent KOTs for different product groups (food and beverages). Further, our cloud system can be easily connected to printers located at multiple locations on the property.

Simplified handling of tax structures

You can now allocate and handle different tax structures for various F&B items. In addition, WINCLOUD POS allows you to automatically update them across your billing across your properties.

Enhanced F&B options

Our POS ensures that bills and settlements get automatically updated to the FO and accounting systems. In addition, using our POS, making table reservations, getting guest feedback, creating tax structures and tax combinations for individual menu items, and accommodating happy hours is child's play.

Easily track KOT amendments

WINCLOUD POS has detailed audit trails to enable transparency in tracking all KOT modifications.

Reports and business insights

Get access to detailed reporting and analysis of POS settlements, order patterns, menu item analytics, and more advanced decision-making insights.

WINCLOUD Material Management

WINCLOUD Material Management

Technology-enabled purchase and inventory optimization

Powered by the latest technology, WINCLOUD Material Management ensures effective and efficient utilization of valuable resources.

Consolidated multi-property indents enabled in a single purchase order
All property inventory on a single screen
Comprehensive purchasing and operations management

You have complete control over all your purchase order operations: support for hierarchical approvals (think 10 levels), PO status reports and the ability to alert on delayed or pending POs, and easy PO generation and modification.

Easy multi-store material handling

WINCLOUD Material Management supports inventory across multiple stores and generates receipts after validation. Issue tagging with corresponding departments and direct or indent-based material issues.

Dive deep with detailed reports

Perform incisive analysis on the various reports generated and on the audit trails. Also, have access to detailed purchase analysis and purchase-related audit reports.

Hassle-free purchase and inventory operations

You can manage multiple quotations and make quick rate comparisons at any time. Our module also allows physical inventory reconciliation for selected product groups or sub-groups.

Consolidated indents and PO for Multiple properties

WINCLOUD Material Management allows you to consolidate multi-property indents in a single PO. This way, the head of procurement can negotiate better prices and increase product choice.

Manage service orders and contracts

WINCLOUD Material Management allows you to place and manage service orders effectively. You can also handle contractual orders to ensure consolidated group purchases with discounted pricing.

WINCLOUD Financial Accounting

Financial data at your fingertips

Know about every penny spent on your property with real-time access to all your financial data.

Consolidation of books of accounts for all properties
Comparison of financial reports of all properties on a single screen
WINCLOUD Financial Accounting
Complete and detailed financial analysis

The accounting module provides various essential financial analyses such as P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Analysis. You have access to a multi-pronged, deep drill-down into your property’s financial nitty-gritty.

Division-specific financial data

The WINCLOUD Financial Accounting module allows the creation of unlimited divisions within an organization. It also facilitates the division-specific generation of financial reports and access to account books.

Data visualization for business insights

Powered by intelligent technology, the WINCLOUD Financial Accounting module generates multi-factor graphs such as Income v/s Expenses graphs and Ledger Analysis graphs to help property owners visualize their finances. In-depth voucher-specific data can be extracted from these graphs.

Real-time financial analysis

You have access to real-time financial analysis and account reconciliations. WINCLOUD Financial Accounting integrates with FO and Material Management to ensure holistic financial tracking.

Data slicing and dicing

WINCLOUD Accounting allows you to slice and dice data in any way you want. It also provides detailed financial analysis. So, you can drill down to view voucher data for instant clarification and auditing.

Consolidation of multi-property books

WINCLOUD Accounting allows the consolidation of multi-property books on a single screen. This facet saves time and effort and provides a bird's eye view across all group properties.

WINCLOUD Banquet Management

WINCLOUD Banqueting

Banquet management in a zap

Highly customizable banquet management solution to simplify operations.

Eazy drag and drop for event bookings
Supports function prospects and extensive reporting
Easy access and simplified venue management

WINCLOUD Banqueting provides visual access to the venue position through an interactive chart. Drag and drop options facilitate system bookings, wait-listing, blocking, maintenance, advances, billing, and function prospectus operations.

Combined venue management and multiple plans

WINCLOUD Banqueting offers multiple options for venue management, including individual or combined venue sales. Users can access booking, function prospectus, and billing for combined or individual venues. Also, multiple plans with different charges and covers can be defined for a single function.

Business insights

Powered by a data engine, WINCLOUD Banqueting is designed to provide detailed reports. The sales performance reports provide insights into food sales, liquor sales, market segment, business source, salesperson, company, function, and venue. In addition, a graphical chart provides a comprehensive view of the month-wise venue position.

Easy billing and event operations

WINCLOUD Banqueting considers all the permutations and combinations of venue and event management. It enables easy splitting of bills for multiple functions across multiple days. It also empowers you by providing the function-wise acceptance of covers, aids, plans, stewards deployed, a la-carte-items, and hire items, automatically reflected in the function prospectus.

Generating function prospectus

WINCLOUD Banqueting permits function prospectus generation for all types of functions and events. End-to-end detailing of functions can be created and generated for easy handling of venues and events.

End-to-end banquet operations in an instant

WINCLOUD Banqueting enables handling of all banquet operations effortlessly. You can handle multiple venues, events in the same room, and various billing types without a sweat.


WINCLOUD PMS solutions for Groups and Chains

We help you digitize all your group property operations and offer you boundless growth through our cutting-edge scalable solutions.

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WINCLOUD Multi-property solutions


Benefits of multi-property

Unified multi-property data management

Use WINCLOUD to maintain and manage a single guest profile that can be shared across all properties. We help you consolidate property data and facilitate uniform reporting standards. A friction-free booking experience for your guests is guaranteed!

Centralized multi-property operations at HO

Have single login access to all property screens and reports to facilitate instant comparison. The HO personnel can also drill down to obtain property-wise audit trails and transaction-level details. Using WINCLOUD PMS, you can create as many sub-groups as you want.

Consolidated group reports and analytics

Have access to a wide range of consolidated group property reports. Some of these include Operational consolidation of FO, F&B, material, and finance, detailed department-wise P&L, and consolidation of the book of accounts. You can also get a graphical view of budgets versus actual spending.

Consolidated MIS dashboard with multiple slice & dice options

Get consolidated access to multi-property analytics, segments, and periods. A multi-dimensional dashboard gives you a holistic view and helps you slice and dice the data the way you want. Instant viewing is enabled through mobile devices as well.


Group Property Features

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