An intuitive tool to simplify elaborate F&B operations

We are aware that F&B operations can be a labyrinth – a maze of multiple connected and unconnected tasks.  We have built our WINCLOUD POS to help you comfortably traverse this complex web of F&B operations. WINCLOUD POS is powered by intuition, ease of use, and insights stemming from two decades of relevant industry experience. May we add that, WINCLOUD POS has been assisting many hoteliers in streamlining their complex F&B operations comprising of multiple restauraunts and bars.

Trace all KOT amendments to improve efficiency and reduce revenue leakages

The WINCLOUD POS comes with an audit trail facility to enable transparency in tracking all KOT modifications. So that, you do not waste time, resources, and revenues in tracing KOT alterations.

Effortlessly divide KOTs in the way you want

Our POS helps in generating independent KOTs for different product groups- yes, you can have separate KOTs for food and beverages. Also, the cloud system can be easily connected to printers located at multiple places in the property.

Complex settlements and billing unravelled: for facile F&B operations

The WINCLOUD POS can handle multiple settlement modes and also has the facility to configure dynamic settlements. The vagaries of bill splitting under a multitude of conditions are enabled. We do believe that easy billing + easy settlement = satisfied customers!

Supercharged Extras to empower well-organised F&B operations

The WINCLOUD POS has a slew of other features to smartly handle F&B operations. Some of them are: automatic bills and settlements updation to the FO and Accounting systems, enabling table reservations and guest feedback, allowing for creation of tax structures and tax combinations for individual menu items, and accomodate happy hours.

Point of Sale :

The WINCLOUD Point of Sale (POS) system is one of the most elaborate POS in the market- imagine technology driven simplicity