WINCLOUD Financial Accounting

Where real-time analysis fuels growth

As entrepreneurs, understanding our finances better will aid in optimised planning and better management of money. This is something we know and so have developed the WINCLOUD Financial Accounting module: with features that intrinsically instil efficiency in handling all the accounting needs of a property.

Detailed analysis to keep all your accounts in order

Accounting module provides various essential financial analyses to enable a multi-pronged deep-drill into your property’s financial nitty-gritty.  Envision P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Analysis and the like on your fingertips.

Division-specific details to help you keep track of every single dollar spent or received

The WINCLOUD Financial Accounting module allows the creation of unlimited divisions within an organisation. Further, it also facilitates division-specific generation of financial analysis reports, and access to account books.

Graphs: because a picture is always worth a 1000 words

We believe that access to all relevant figures coupled with transparency empowers financial controllers. The WINCLOUD Financial Accounting module takes cognisance of this and hence generates multi-factor graphs such as Income v/s Expenses graphs and Ledger Analysis graphs. Indepth details such as voucher-specific data can be extracted from the graphs.

Real-time financial analysis to keep you in sync with your financial health

The WINCLOUD Financial Accounting module supports a slew of advanced accounting features and seamlessly integrates with relevant modules such as Inventory and Front Office. No more waiting for accountants to finish totting up those ledgers.

The WINCLOUD Financial Accounting module addresses all the accounting requirements of a property- because money matters