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WINCLOUD aspires to be the Numero Uno Property Management System across the globe: in terms of both, superior technology used as well as client preference. WINCLOUD also envisions evolving continuously as a feature-rich PMS which ensures customer growth and satisfaction- every single time.



WINCLOUD is on a mission to innovate and leverage technology to expand the
realms of hospitality management solutions by expanding the boquet of services
currently being offered. Wincloud also endeavours to always provide their customers
with hospitality management software solutions which are complete, comprehensive,
and well-supported.


Our History

WINCLOUD is a cloud based PMS from the house of WINSAR InfoSoft, which was established in 2001. The flagship product of the company at that point, was WINHMS – a Hospitality Management software. WINHMS is one of the leading on-premise hospitality management solutions which seamlessly integrate various software modules to help in the efficient functioning of all the front and back office operations.

One of the core ethos’s of WINSAR Infosoft is to continuously evolve to stay ahead of the digital curve. This ethos lead to the creation of WINCLOUD – a cloud based modular property management system. WINCLOUD is built on the robust Microsoft Technology stack and hosted on AWS. WINCLOUD has four modules, each of which can be customised to suit the needs of the client. The features of all the modules have been designed and developed taking into cognisance, the learnings from two decades (and more!) of deploying WINHMS.

Our Ethos


Continuously Evolution:

As an organisation, WINSAR Group believes in continuously evolving by applying the insights derived from our experience. This fundamental ethos is one of the building blocks of our organisation and helps us stay relevant all the time.


We passionately believe that being reliable is of utmost importance. As a team, we rely on each other to grow and offer an ecosystem for our clients to be assured of reliable products and unstinted support.

Value on relationships:

WINSAR Group is driven by the value placed on our relationships: within our team members, and with our clients. The value that we place on relationships is our key to happiness, growth, and customer retention.

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