This Resort tried with Multiple PMS to optimise operations but they were left behind with the Staff Productivity. The Operations team wanted to enrich the guest experience and they knew staff productivity would play an important role in it. The hotel team approached WINCLOUD and was overwhelmed with the features and Extensive reporting and Auditing. Further, this helped them to save heaps of Manual hours and automate the process.

About the hotel

Rokkhak River Resort (Formerly named Natura Resort) gives a blissful insight into the area of entertainment and relaxation through verdant nature, which is gracefully blessed by tropical forest near Angkor Archaeological Park and Siem Reap River. With 23 room keys and 2 outlets, they use WINHMS for their day-to-day operations.


In the Initial days the property was using a Legacy PMS and they had to manage a lot of tasks Manually.

  • Manually create Quick reservations: They had to spend humongous hours to create reservations and this would hamper the staff productivity.
  • Endless Onboarding: Automating your operations from Manual is always a challenge for staff as they don’t want to do endless onboarding and keep discovering options.
  • Limited Availability: The Hotel team has to be present at their desk whenever they want to access the Solution.
  • Disjointed Operations: They did not have access to extensive reporting as per their property standard and they had to depend on Microsoft Excel to consolidate these.
  • Enormous Capital expenditure: Their Legacy PMS required a significant number of on-property hardware and this often created a Huge expenditure to maintain the solution.


The property decided to switch to a Reliable cloud based PMS WINCLOUD to increase the staff productivity and enrich the guest experience.

  • Dynamic Room Chart: This feature allowed the Staff to make reservations in 60 seconds and helped to enrich the guest experience.
  • Virtuous Onboarding: 6 steps Go-live process helped the property with seamless onboarding and access to Knowledge base was a liberator.
  • Limitless Availability: Staff can now access the System anytime anywhere through their Laptops or Mobile phone and boost Hotel operations.
  • Immense Reporting: The Extensive reporting and auditing benefited the staff to consolidate reports as per their requirements.
  • Reduced Operational Investment: Cloud PMS is hosted in a Reliable cloud server and works on a Flexible Subscription model. This helps to overcome regular upkeeps & server maintenance.

Software Highlights



6 Step


Reduced operational