WINCLOUD Front Office

Where precision converges with swiftness

The Front Office System is the nucleus of every property. Accuracy and speed are its watchwords. We understand this. We have developed The WINCLOUD FO – a confluence of precision and swiftness that delivers seamless front office operations.

Make reservations in a jiffy and impress your customers with your efficiency

 With the WINCLOUD FO, you can view all the necessary information needed to make a reservation on a single screen. Think multiple permutations and combinations of room allocations, tariff patterns, package options, and payment options: all at one single place.

Technology focussed on increasing revenues

One of the primary focii of WINCLOUD FO is to use technology as an enabler for growth. As hoteliers, we grow when occupancy increases.  You can now spot empty rooms and fill them up using the Room Chart feature.  WINCLOUD FO’s easy interface to Channel Managers provides them with visibility of your room availabilites, and promotes bookings.  The effortless interaction enabled to Revenue Management systems is yet another technical lever to catapult your occupancy.

Personalise your services to enrich the guest experience

The Guest History feature helps you collect a guest’s preferences and remember their favourite choices- be it room, beverage, or food. This will help you and your staff to add personal touches to your services, enhance your customer engagement, and hence customer happiness.  Settling bills can be cumbersome and irk your guest. We have made bill settlements straightforward. Dynamic settlements can be configured- no matter where your customer avails of a service, it is all collected and added up.

Accurate night audits to help you focus on what needs to be taken care of

The WINCLOUD FO ‘s Night Audit feature automatically posts all key information automatically to the accounting system. This simply means that all pending bills, KOTs, room charges, and departures are highlighted and you can immediately address whatever needs to be addressed.


WINCLOUD FO has been designed to empower the property by providing a great front office user and guest experience.