At Winsar there is heightened empathy for all of us working to balance personal and professional obligations during this time.

It’s been a bumpy road, We adapted the ways in which we live and work and many of these changes in priorities will remain forever. Tech has played a crucial role in shifting almost an entire workforce to remote in a short time.

2020 Recap: The Year it was

  • 7 new Countries & 3 new Continents
  • 200+ Hotels Onboarded
  • 84 new Features & 6 new Modules
  • 1000’s of Zoom Calls
  • 1,200+ Remote Demos
  • 350,000+ Slack messages
  • 22,500+ Support Calls
  • 10 Industry Webinars

We believe solidarity will help us get through this together and will continue to provide you the utmost support and services. We thank all our Employees, Partners and Customers for their support and confidence in us.

Video Highlights

Events and Updates

New country acquisition

New features